Acceptance & Happiness

We have within us an extraordinary capacity of Love, Joy and Freedom - J Kornfield

Accept people for who they are. You might have expectations of the person, but it is not what they are. Most of us (or even all of us) don’t wear other person shoes. We have a perception and we believe that the perception is reality. Accept people for who they are and what they are. Happiness will follow you.

Photo of the day

When we are roaming around Calavares big tree forest, the below smaller one followed us for most of the time. He did give me an opportunity to take a picture.

Calaveras Trees-17.jpg

Connected world

Dream big and dare to fail - N Vaughan

All of us in the world are somehow connected. Whichever religion you choose or not, either from the big bang theory or not we are connected somehow. Once we accept then a compassion automatically comes for the fellow living being. With compassion comes happiness automatically.

Photo of the Day

Here is a photo I took in the garden. I am always amazed by the colors that are visible in a white sunflower.

Happiness starts from within

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit - Aristotle.

I would like to change this quote a little bit as say, Happiness is also an habit. Everyday wake up and say I would like to be happy today, no matter what happens during the day. You can possibly control a very few items in the world and the number of items that are not in our control but affect us are much more. But as long as we can accept what happens, we can all be happy. To quote Ramana Maharishi

Happiness is the true nature of self.

So start the day by saying ‘I would be happy today’.

Photo Story

This was one the earliest photos which I took in Seattle while there for a Microsoft training workshop. The picture was taken with film camera, which was what I had.